The 49th annual conference of the Architectural Science Association (ASA) is being hosted by the Melbourne School of Design, The University of Melbourne, Australia. It will take place in the unique 6 Star Green Star building of the faculty.

The 2015 Architectural Science Association Conference, Living and Learning: Research for a Better Built Environment  focuses on the multidisciplinary nature of architecture and on the positive outcomes of the collaboration between academia, practice and industry. Living and Learning: Research for a Better Built Environment connects the internal condition of the built environment with the natural and artificial external processes with the intention of providing holistic technical and design research for a better built environment.

The conference covers the following key themes:

  • Architecture and environment
  • Architecture and social research
  • Building and city information modelling
  • Buildings and energy
  • Built environment performance assessment
  • Construction, materials and technology
  • Design education and design research
  • Environmental and landscape architecture
  • Generative, parametric and evolutionary architecture
  • Interactive environments and collaboration
  • Interface between research and industry
  • Modes of production and mass customization
  • Theory, philosophy and methodology in architectural science
  • Thermal comfort, lighting and acoustics